At 12lbs 10oz, Kyle Stokes got stuck making his entrance into the world. The doctor had no other choice but to attempt to break Kyle’s collar bone which resulted in permanent nerve damage to his brachial plexus. Known as Erb’s Palsy, a brachial plexus injury affects around 1 in 1,000 babies (1in1k). Being the son of a marine corps sergeant, physical fitness was often in the home. However, Kyle never felt confident in his body. In his early 20’s, a time of intense anxiety struck him and he found relief in fitness. Starting out with small workouts at home he eventually joined a local gym. Six years later, Kyle is more active than ever in his workouts, and has decided to start giving back to the community. Starting at around 130lbs at 5ft 11in, Kyle knows what’s it like to not exactly be the biggest guy in the room. He has put on serious muscle mass and is now his largest so far at around 190lbs. 1in1k was started in order to bring awareness, change perceptions, and inspire all of us to never settle in life. Any adversity can be overcome.